Driver CPC Training


Driver CPC Training

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Driver CPC – All drivers of large goods vehicles are required to hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) as well as their vocational entitlement in order to drive commercially. 

New Drivers

In order to gain the Driver CPC, new drivers must complete the Module 2 exam and the Module 4 test. These combined are known as the CPC initial qualification. 

Module 2 is a case study exam in which the candidate must answer questions based on a defined scenario. The candidate books this through the DVSA and complete the exam at a DVSA theory test centre.

Module 4 is a practical demonstration test where the candidate is required to demonstrate an ability to load vehicles, deal with emergency situations, conduct vehicle security checks and other practical aspects of driving professionally. This requires a day’s course, with the test being held at the DVSA driving test station at the end of the day. 

Existing Drivers without a Driver CPC

Drivers who held a vocational driving entitlement prior to 10th September 2009 received their CPC as an “acquired right”. These drivers were required to complete 35 hours of periodic training by 10th September 2014 in order to retain their CPC and be able to continue driving professionally.

However, the DVSA has now stated that drivers with “acquired rights” who have not yet completed 35 hours of periodic training may now complete the CPC initial qualification in order to obtain their CPC. 

Existing Drivers with a Driver CPC

Drivers who have obtained their Driver CPC must complete 35 hours of periodic training within 5 years of obtaining their CPC in order to retain their qualification.

Please contact us for the availability of Practical CPC periodic training courses. 


SMC Training Services Ltd are able to offer both ALLMI 1 day Lorry Loader Training courses and 1 day Slinger/Signaller courses to either refresher or Operators that are experienced (more than 15 hours use within the last 12 months) SMS Training Service Ltd have had official approval to offer Drivers 7 CPC hours alongside any ALLMI 1 day course.

Novices that require any 2 day Lorry Loader or Slinger/Signaller courses will not have this option.

SMC Training Service Ltd is part of The DCPC Consortium based in Wiltshire and has access to a wide range of CPC courses through the other members of our Consortium. 

Contact us for more details.

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