Slinger / Signaller

Slinger / Signaller 


  • Responsible for attaching and detaching the load to and from the lifting equipment and for the use of the correct lifting gear and equipment in accordance with the planning of the operation.
  •  The Slinger should be responsible for initiating and directing the safe movement of the lifting equipment.  If there is more than one slinger, only one of them should have this responsibility at any one time, depending on their positions relative to the lifting equipment.


  • The Signaller should be responsible for relaying the signals from the Slinger to the lifting equipment operator.  The Signaller may be given the responsibility for directing movement of the lifting equipment and load instead of the Slinger, provided that only one person has the responsibility.

The course content is very comprehensive and so cardholders are able to use their skills when performing Slinger / Signaller duties with other types of lifting equipment, not just lorry loaders. The Slinger / Signaller course consists of 13 modules (please click here for a list of course modules). The course duration is one day for experienced candidates and a minimum of two days for novice candidates.  A maximum of three candidates can attend a course.  Both courses culminate in a written and practical examination

Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates
Slinger and Signaller All 1~2 days 3 maximum

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